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Meredith Shirk          http://nevertoolateever.com/MeredithS

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Nicole Snow               http://nevertoolateever.com/NicoleS

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Suggested Subjects:

[No-cost Interview Series] It’s never too late. Your dream life is waiting.

[No-cost Interview Series] It’s never too late—your next chapter is the best chapter.

[No-cost Interview Series] Your dreams are waiting (and yes, you’re worth it).

[No-cost Interview Series] Ever feel invisible?

[No-cost Interview Series] This is YOUR time—and it’s never too late.


Suggested Body Copy:


Dear NAME,


Do you ever feel like you’re not living like you want to … but it’s too late in life to make a change? Maybe you feel invisible, less than, or underappreciated. Worse, you’re entering the third and final act of your life, and maybe your future looks pretty bleak to you.

I want you to know that it’s not too late. The clock is ticking, yes, but with the right mindset and tools, you can live this next phase of your life on fire—inspired and motivated to fulfill dreams and live an exciting, adventurous life!

My friend Lorraine Hoving has experienced what you’re going through—and when she turned 60, she transformed her life. Now she’s on a mission to help people like you step boldly into the next chapter of life with adventure and purpose. To that end, she’s hosting a no-cost interview series where more than 20 experts, including me, are sharing our advice.

It’s called Never Too Late Ever: How to BOLDLY step into the next chapter of your life with Ultimate Wealth, Adventure, and Divine Purpose, it begins March 19, and you can reserve your spot here:

You CAN Live Your Best Life, Starting Now!

When you go to the link above and reserve your spot to join us for this series of powerful conversations, you’ll discover that it is possible to determine what you want, create a plan for achieving it, and then take action—so you can truly enjoy your life again. We’re sharing advice about getting healthy, breathing new life into your dreams, and infusing your relationships with new energy.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Expert tips for achieving and maintaining good health—including healthy cooking, exercise ideas, and weight loss advice—so you have the energy to enjoy all of your new adventures.
  • How to reignite the passion in your relationships so your mate feels like your soul mate again.
  • How to recognize, develop and implement new dreams, now, so you can make a positive impact on the world while feeling passionate about every day.
  • Tools for overcoming clutter so you can regain control of your space and let go of things that no longer serve you (freeing up your energy for what does).
  • How to dress fashionably, so you feel confident and look great.
  • And so much more.

In short, you’ll walk away inspired and motivated to create the kind of transformation you’ve dreamed of, but have been unsure of how to create. You’ll realize that life hasn’t passed you by, and that it’s never too late to make the next chapter of your life the best chapter ever!

Lorraine is the perfect person to host Never Too Late Ever. When she turned 60 years old, she realized that if she was blessed enough to live to 90, her life was already two-thirds over. All the vows she’d made to herself—goals she’d thought about, weight she wanted to lose, health she wanted to attain—laid there in a heap of empty promises

She decided then that she had no choice but to do something about her situation. She took a personal development course, learned to love herself, took online classes on style and fashion, and lost 60 pounds (for a total of almost 100!). She started taking Zumba and yoga classes, and going on adventures with her husband.


She’s never looked back since! Now she’s on a mission to inspire other people her age—people like you—to go after their dreams, NOW.

That’s why she’s created Never Too Late Ever. This interview series promises to be inspiring and uplifting, which is why I plan to listen in on the whole thing.

You deserve this! Reserve your spot here for Never Too Late Ever, which begins March 5:

Boldly Take On Your Next Adventure.

To your next chapter,


P.S. It’s time to get inspired! Join me and 20 other experts for Never Too Late Ever starting March 19. Reserve your spot here and make the next chapter of your life the best chapter of your life:

It’s Never Too Late!

FB Post

Please join me as I am interviewed by Lorraine Hoving. Lorraine is the host of the online series “Never Too Late Ever”.  Learn how to create the kind of transformation you have dreamed of in the next chapter of your life making it the BEST chapter of your life. Gain free access to this inspiring online series here….

Newsletter Blurb

My friend Lorraine Hoving is hosting a free online interview series called Never Too Late Ever: How to Step Boldly into your next chapter of life with ultimate, health adventure and divine purpose. I am pleased to be one of the 21 experts interviewed for this inspirational series. On this series you will gain tips and simple tools on losing weight, reigniting a passion for your mate, how to declutter, how to love yourself and dress fashionably and so much more. I invite you to join me on this free on line series where you will be inspired to learn how to make the next chapter of your life the very BEST chapter of your life.


Be inspired by watching this interview series with @nevertoolateever to make the next chapter of your life the BEST chapter


Please join me while I am being interviewed by  Lorraine Hoving @nevertoolateever.com. You will be inspired to make the next chapter of your life the BEST chapter of your life.




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