Leah Kline

When Leah was only a year old, her father, Monte Kline, was diagnosed with cancer. This ultimately led to her family’s journey into natural and alternative medicine and with her father starting a clinical nutrition practice. Leah started working in the clinic as a teenager and have been immersed in the holistic health field for the last 25+ years.
Leah knows what is like to suffer from health challenges, because she has experienced them, too; intestinal issues, food sensitivities, weight gain, fatigue and brain fog. She knows what it is like to feel like your body is sensitive to everything!
Leah is the author of 3 ebooks for Amazon Kindle, Truly Gluten Free, Peaceful Excursions, and Internal Wholeness to specifically help you with your digestive problems. She is also the host of the successful annual Gut Health Turn Around Series. A multi-speaker online event created out of her passion to share with you the gifts she have been given. Leah offers 1 to 1 coaching, group programs, and 1 day intensives, because it is her belief that everyone should have this information. She now lives in the Tucson, AZ, but works with people all over the country and even the world. For more information go to:
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