Angela Barnard

It’s all about Connection for Angela Barnard. Living a connected life in mind, body, and soul and helping her clients do the same.  As an explorer soul, she has lived on four continents acquiring skills for both her personal and profession life.  As a successful International Flavourist she had the privilege to develop flavours for some iconic food and beverage brands, but that whisper in her soul kept telling her THERE IS MORE! Today as an accredited Coach and Soul Realignment practitioner, she helps her clients heal their past and embark on a journey of soul and self-discovery to fully inhabit and embody their lives. She always says, “If you don’t live your life, who the hell’s gonna do it?” Her upcoming book, Letters from the Way, tells a story (in letterform) of her epic 900 km walk across Spain on The Camino de Santiago.
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